Remember how Al Gore tried to get all of us to turn in our trucks, SUVs and mini vans to drive electric cars? Remember how he wants us to spend thousands to retrofit our homes and make them more “green”? Well, he does all this to convince us to reduce our carbon footprint – something he has not figured out how to do and probably doesn’t want to.

Al Gore says one thing but does another.

He says that we all need to change our life, claiming to be a green champion. Well, the only thing green about Al Gore is the money in his wallet.

Not only does he live in a mansion, but he uses a ridiculous amount of energy to heat and cool it. Plus, he has a mammoth swimming pool that he heats. According to the Daily Signal, “In the 12-month period from August 2016 through the end of July, Gore burned through 230,889 kWh of electricity, including 66,159 kWh just to heat his swimming pool. The latter alone is enough, the report says, “to power six average U.S. households for a year.””

Wow… that’s a lot of energy usage just so Al Gore can go swimming. Maybe you should turn off the heat Al. Let the sun to the trick or something…. Just saying. Wasn’t he born in the days of the unheated swimming pool and good old-fashioned sprinkler? I guess that just isn’t enough for him anymore.

Aside from his pool, let’s consider the house itself. Since his home is more than ten thousand square feet, it is absolutely huge. It’s not like he has twenty kids running around. For just him and his wife, its slightly ridiculous to have that big of a house and pay to heat and cool it no less. The Daily Signal also found that the house uses “more than 21.3 times that of the U.S. household average of 901 kilowatt-hours monthly.”

So basically, 21 people could heat their house per month instead of just him and his wife heating theirs?

Maybe Al Gore should move into a studio apartment, save the energy, and do his part to cut down on carbon emissions. In the meantime, Al Gore’s carbon footprint is simply ridiculous and American people need to know who he really is. He’s not a climate scientist. He’s not even “green.” He is a liberal hypocrite who is simply trying to turn his pockets green with money


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