Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York, won his campaign after being tough on crime and “sweeping up New York.” He was supposed to be squeaky clean himself, the guy who was above the dirty politics and scandals that often plague politicians. In truth, he was another liberal hypocrite who says one thing but does another.

If you aren’t familiar with Eliot Spitzer, he’s a real doozy.

This New York governor was married, projected a clean image, and all the while was hooking up with escorts and prostitutes. He even wire transferred money to pay for prostitutes. Think of how his poor wife must have felt when all of this became public and he was forced to resign in public humiliation.

It would have been bad enough for any married man to be caught with prostitutes, but as someone who claimed to be above it all, to have the moral high ground, he was proven to be a liar and a total hypocrite.

Eliot Spitzer is connected with Russian escorts

The hypocrisy of the lefts gets worst. Eliot Spitzer is under investigation because one of his prostitutes happens to be Russian. You don’t hear the liberals coming out against him and claiming that his Russian ties got him elected to the governor’s office, now do we?

Hypocrite liberals keep pushing for the Russia probe into President Trump, even though their own elected officials actually have demonstrated Russian ties – including to a prostitute. Of course, they wouldn’t want you to know this because it’s embarrassing, and it shows their Russian probe for exactly what it is – a witch hunt.

What happened to Eliot Spitzer after the prostitution scandal?

Lots of people want to know what happened to the former governor who was so publicly humiliated. Well… nothing.

He resigned of course but nothing bad happened to him. He went into the family business developing real estate in New York. He is rich, still heavily connected, has all his friends and his family by his side. In other words, Eliot Spitzer is the height of liberal hypocrisy. This is a do what I say, not what I do attitude that makes a lot of Americans mad.

There shouldn’t be a double standard, but there is. It’s important to tell the truth about people like Eliot Spitzer so that people know how hypocritical the left really is.


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