Donald Trump takes to many vacations, at least that’s what the hypocritical left would like you to believe. Since the day Donald Trump took office, he has been criticized for every move he makes, including where he decides to spend his time. One would think that as the leader of the free world, he could conduct business meetings at any location of his choosing but apparently, the liberal left would prefer for him to be confined to the White House.

We think that it is more than a little bit hypocritical when considering other first families and the first family vacations they took while in office.

With Donald Trump, his trips are to places like Mar-a-Lago and are often to entertain international leaders and business leaders. Take for example, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who met with Donald Trump in Florida. If two leaders wish to meet somewhere sunny, who are the liberals to judge? Again, Donald Trump is using these alternative destinations as meeting spots, it is not like he’s spending all day lounging by the pool. Let’s get real.

Obama’s vacations were true vacations

Unlike Trump, when the Obama’s took a vacation, they were going to entertain other heads of state. They were going to play at the beach, lounge by the pool and relax. In fact, Hawaii was their favorite vacation spot while Obama was in office. During his eight years and as president, Obama spent nearly a year of that time on vacation. An entire year! Most Americans dream of going to Hawaii once in eight years and would never even imagine having an entire year off to spend there. You never heard the hypocritical left complaining of Obama spending too much time walking the beach, but God forbid, President Trump entertain business leaders. This is a clear double standard of the hypocritical left.

Don’t forget the Clinton’s

The Clintons also took off around a year during the eight years in office. Their time is often spent in Martha’s Vineyard, a haven for elites. There are many pictures of them out in the water, relaxing and spending time with friends, all paid for by the American people.

Conservative presidents have vacationed a lot too

George W spent more than a thousand days of his eight years in office on vacation. When it came to first family vacations, they spent a lot of time at the family compound in Maine where his father also vacationed during his presidency. There are plenty of pictures of both Bushes enjoying his time on the water with their family and not having fun. These were true first family vacations, not business meetings like what Trump has. Additionally, much of his vacation time was spent at his ranch in Texas where he would spend the time unwinding, clearing brush and driving around in his truck. Bush knew that he needed this time away from the White House to clear his head and gain perspective. Still, who was complaining about him spending time on the ranch when he was in office? It appears that these complaints are reserved specifically for President Trump.

Every president likes to vacation at Camp David

Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush also liked to vacation regularly at Camp David. Nestled in the Maryland mountains, Camp David is a popular first family vacation destination because it is close to the White House but not enough to allow for complete privacy. First families regularly use Camp David for a getaway, not just as a meeting place away from the White House though it is sometimes used for that.

If first family vacations take place at Camp David and that is acceptable to the left, why is it not acceptable for President Trump to host business meetings in New Jersey or Florida? Is there something special about camping out in the mountains? We think not.

Let’s talk about results

First family vacations paid for by tax payer dollars is an issue that should have been addressed under every presidency. The reality is, presidents and their families make enough money to pay for their own vacation and the bill should not be paid for by any taxpaying American citizen. Still, there is a distinct difference between vacations where first families are lounging by the pool walking the beach and ones where the president is actually there to meet with other leaders. The idea that business meetings have to take place in the confines of the White House is simply ridiculous. The results of those meetings are what the American people should be concerned about. In this regard, President Trump is proving that sometimes, taking meetings onto the golf course around the sunshine can be the best way to get things done.


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