Joe Biden is part of the hypocrite left. He claims that he is the common everyday man who is just “working-class Joe”, someone who is just like the average folks working hard and raising their family in places like Florida, Ohio and Nebraska.

So, what is the truth?

Joe Biden is not a common man. Joe Biden is bought and paid for by the same special interests that are after everyday Americans – people like the credit card companies.

One of the worst examples of Biden’s hypocrisy is his relationship with a credit card company. The credit card company MBNA based out of Delaware has been one of Biden’s biggest campaign contributors and has even hired his son multiple times to be their lobbyist even though he didn’t have experience. Why? Because Joe Biden is bought and paid for.

So, what did the credit card companies want from Biden? They wanted him to vote against laws that would have protected ordinary Americans from all the predatory lending practices of the credit card companies.

Think about it, you get a credit card, go Christmas shopping and buy presents for your kids only to be charged 30% interest because of credit card companies who want to make their money on the backs of ordinary Americans. They gauge people. It just isn’t right.

But it gets worse.

Not only is he in the pocket of the credit card companies but his budget is also going to hurt ordinary Americans. He says that what he wants to pass will help middle-class people have more money, but it simply isn’t true. His plan will increase taxes, take money from you or I and make it even harder for us to do things like send our kids to college, take family vacations and enjoy life.

What right does Joe Biden have to take our money?


He has gotten rich off the American people so don’t believe a word of what he says about his budget. His budget is not good for you and if he runs for president he will spend his time convincing you it is. Don’t believe him. Believe the evidence and remember when he had the chance to protect American families he sided with the credit card companies. 


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