How hypocritical is the left? When it comes to paying their interns, a lot.

It’s so bad that interns working for Democrat Senators are skipping meals because they can’t afford food.

As the Atlantic wrote, “Lawmakers can yammer on about the value of diversity and about their desire to help Americans from all backgrounds, but until they stop treating interns like feudal serfs, their applicant pools are going to continue to be about as diverse as a cast-reunion of Beverly Hills 90210.”

The hypocritical left wants everyone to believe that they are for raising the minimum wage for everybody. Whether that number is $15 or $12 an hour, they make it sound like small business owners trying to get by are cheating workers by not paying them more. In truth, small business owners typically work 60 hours plus a week just to provide jobs for themselves and for their employees Rather than making them feel bad for only being able to afford $10 an hour, for example, the hypocritical left should be praising them for creating jobs.

They won’t.

Meanwhile, while they are on a campaign to villainize small business owners, many people on the left are cheating their own interns by not paying them at all. Their salaries wouldn’t even come out of their own pocket. Still, interns are going unpaid.

Make them tell the truth

When you hear someone on the left talking about the unfairness of small business owners only paying their employees what they can afford, point out the obvious hypocrisy of how their own leaders are refusing to pay interns fairly. These hypocrites need to stop villainizing hard-working Americans who are simply trying to create jobs and support their family. In fact, their unpaid intern would be a whole lot better off if they’re making $10 an hour working for small business than working for free for the hypocrites.

Look, at the end of the day we need to be able to have honest conversations in this country that involve people telling the truth. The truth is, small business owners work hard, and they contribute a lot to our society and the people they employ are appreciative for their jobs. The left needs to work on policies that make it easier for small businesses to grow and be successful. Unfortunately, the hypocritical left won’t do this. Instead, will continue to promote policies that are going make it even harder for hard-working Americans to make a living while their own interns don’t have enough to eat.

It’s time for the liberal left to stop being hypocrites.


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