Michael Moore is known for his left leaning documentaries, that some would call, anti-American. Michael Moore has made money bashing some of the very institutions that make this country great and ensure that everyone has basic freedoms. This includes him villainizing the Second Amendment and American citizens who own and carry guns. He has spoken out in countless interviews about how “normal” Americans don’t want guns. Well, from one “normal” American to another – the truth is that Michael Moore is just a liberal hypocrite.

Michael Moore’s bodyguard was arrested in New York with a gun

That’s right.

Michael Moore’s bodyguard carries a gun.

Michael Moore is a liberal hypocrite because while he tries to advocate for the taking away of American citizens right to bear arms, he hires bodyguards to protect him who carry weapons. In other words, it’s okay for someone to protect him with a gun. It is not okay for you to protect your family with a gun.

What’s the difference between you and liberal Michael Moore? He’s rich and famous and you’re not (at least most people reading this won’t be). This is the height of hypocrisy and a clear double standard. Essentially, Michael Moore is saying that his life and his freedoms are more valuable than the lives and freedoms of regular American citizens. This is typical of the left who twill often have two standards. One for them and one for everybody else.

It’s like they’re saying that they are smarter and somehow would be better at using guns or hiring people who do, than regular American citizens.

Just ask anyone who has grown up with guns and they’ll tell you that it isn’t usually liberal city folks who know how to use a gun. It’s people who have grown up hunting, serve in our military and have bought and practiced shooting guns so that they can take care of their family and make sure they’re always protected.

In other words, everyday American citizens who take their Second Amendment rights seriously are the ones who should have guns, not liberal hypocrites. Still, everyone in this country has the right to bear arms and Michael Moore’s no different. He just shouldn’t be criticizing those who exercise their rights while secretly hiring bodyguards who carry to protect him. He should stop being a liberal hypocrite and admit that he, like so many American citizens, enjoys his second amendment rights.


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