Former President Obama was anything but transparent when an office. In fact, he hid many things from the American people, sometimes with the help of the media. When it comes to Obama, truth telling was subjective, rather than based on pure facts. While he claimed to be a transparent leader, this really only applied to things that he wanted people to know.

Think we’re exaggerating? Look at the facts.

Here are just a few of the things that Obama head during his presidency

#1 Bin Ladin raid documents

According to the Daily Wire, Obama hid 470,000 documents from the Bin Ladin raid. The question is – why? Why were these documents hidden from the American people? Given how soldiers risked their lives to obtain them, shouldn’t they all be made public?

#2 He always wanted to help Iran

The plan to help Iran was not new. This was part of his agenda and had been for some time. However, he probably knew that the American people would not have voted him into office if they knew he wanted to support their oppressive and anti-American regime. Obama was not transparent with the American people.

#3 He knew insurance rates would go up

Obama told everyone that insurance rates would not go up and that passing Obamacare was a good thing that wouldn’t hurt ordinary Americans. In truth, insurance rates have skyrocketed to the point that people are going bankrupt just trying to pay for their insurance and medical bills. They hid this risk from us.

#4 He worked with Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan

If the American people had known that Obama was associated with the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, it is unlikely that he would have been elected president. According to the New York Post, these photos were kept a secret from the public because the media knew it could influence the outcome of the election.

Does former Pres. Obama’s transparency matter?

Absolutely. Here’s why.

The hypocritical left is trying to say that Obama was completely truthful, open and transparent when in office. It’s easy to paint Obama as an open leader. At least, that is what the hypocritical left would like us to believe. Our job is to continue reminding people about the truth of what really happened, he really said and what he really did.

The hypocritical left likes to say facts are facts. We would agree so don’t forget them. Next time someone tries to paint Obama as someone who did everything right, remember that when it comes to transparency, he gets an F.


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