Why is it that some people think they are above the law? Why is it that some people think that they can do things like tax evasion without being caught or punished like average working folks?

Too often, elites think that they are above the law and act like they are above the law. Too often, they get away with it. Why? Because their buddies covered up, go to bat for them and get them out of trouble, when average folks, would end up in jail.

This is exactly what is happening with Melissa Harris-Perry.

Her tax evasion is notorious, and many people are asking, why is she getting a pass?

According to reporting by Politico and the Winston-Salem Journal, Melissa Harris-Perry and James Perry owed the IRS $70,000. That’s more than most people make in an entire year! She owed this money while she was still working as an MSNBC host.

Melissa Harris-Perry is a liberal hypocrite.

She’s a hypocrite because she has been outspoken against tax cuts but simultaneously isn’t paying her taxes. This sounds like another liberal double standard.

Plus, in the past, she has come out and made horrible comments against upstanding organizations and even MSNBC, her former employer, calling them racist and other horrible names. She is quick to point a finger at other people, even speaking lies about them, but refusing to take accountability for her own actions.

People, we need to hold elites like her accountable. We can’t let them get away with telling lies, pointing fingers and then all the while breaking the law themselves. We need to call a spade a spade and not stand for this type of behavior, especially when coming from someone who is trying to claim the high moral ground.

She is a liberal hypocrite. It is time for her to pay the piper and for the government to hold her accountable for tax evasion just like it would any of us.

Enough is enough. The American people should no longer accept that elites are treated to a different standard. The IRS would come after any normal family who was just trying to earn a living, pay their taxes and enjoy life. They need to start holding elites accountable and treating them the same.


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