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Why does patriotism matter? A lot of people talk about patriotism as though it were something that we could do without, it isn’t a big deal, or like it is not part of who we are as Americans. In truth, patriotism is a big deal and we should all be proud to be Americans.

We live in the greatest nation on earth.

We live in a place where we have the freedom to be who we want to be, do what we want to do and raise our families in relative peace and safety. These freedoms are things that we can never take for granted.

Freedom isn’t free

We must never forget that our freedoms were not given to us without a fight. Since the days when we were a British colony, brave soldiers have fought to make America free and then to defend the freedoms we love.

Our family histories are full of soldiers who fought on the shores of Normandy, in Vietnam and more recently, in the Middle East. Their stories are very real to so many of us because we have seen what it means to go off to war and come back with a life altering injury, to lose a limb, to be unable to breathe freely after exposure to toxins, to suffer from PTSD and the stress of it. For so many of our soldiers and their families these are daily realities. Brave American soldiers do not just put their life on the line when they train and fight, they sacrifice their life at home too. They come home to find that their baby is now walking and talking, their teenager graduated from high school, their son’s team went to finals, and they missed all those precious moments – for us, for our country.

It is our job to make sure that their sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

They need to know that their America is proud of them and thankful for the sacrifice that they made. They need to know that we have their back just like they had ours.

How do they know this? By us showing our patriotism and our own love of country. For those of us who have not defended our country in battle, we can defend her in other ways. We can defend her by standing up for the flag. We can defend her by showing that we are proud to be Americans and taking our role as patriots seriously. This requires us being vocal in our beliefs and not being afraid to take a stand against celebrities like Kaepernick who are using their position to undermine our national pride and stir us up against each other. After all, this is our duty as people who love America.

We must live out our patriotism every day.

We live on the great in the greatest country on earth and it is time for America’s patriots to stand and show just how great our nation can be.



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